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Google Maps – Nowadays in the online world everything becomes online, in the same way you can see any place on “Google Maps” in online, see your location, shop, petrol pump near you.

What is Google Maps

Google Maps It is made by Google. On this you can see free maps. You can find the way on this and in this Google will tell you the way by speaking itself. Here you can see your location.

Google Maps
Started8 February 2005

Google Maps Location Search

Step 1: For this you first have to open Google Maps Application.

Step 2: Now you have to click on the search box at the top. Now enter the name or address of the place on it. Now select the category below.

Step 3: If you want, you can also do voice search, for this click on Mice. and said,

Google Map Features

1. On opening it, five tabs will appear on the screen below,

Explore – Now here choose where you have to go, what facilities do you need in the journey.

Saved – Create a list of where you now save information where you have been

Contribute – share your experience, add reviews and fix.

Updates – Update for essential information and get notifications.

Who Created Google Maps

Google Map was Created in 2004 by two brothers named “Lars and Jens”.

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