Google – About Google

Hello friends, welcome to, in today’s post, we will give you information about “Google“.

Google - About Google

Who does not know Google this company, it is all phones, computers, etc. And in today’s post, I will tell you funny things about this.

What Is Google

Google“, whose name you must have heard or seen at some point, this company is American. It is a “Search Engine“. On which you will get to see everything. This company was created by two Stanford University students named “Sergey Brin and Larry Page”

CreatorLarry Page & Sergey Brin
WorkInternet Computer Software

StartedSeptember 4, 1998 Menlo Park (California)
Workers139.995 (2022)

Full Form Of Google

G – Global
O – Organization
O – Oriented
G – Group
L – Language
E – Earth
Full Form – Global Organization Oriented Group Language Earth

CEO Of Google

Google’s CEO who is an Indian named Sunder Pichai and his annual income is Rs 1200 – 1300 crores.

Google’s goal

The purpose of Google is to organize information around the world and make it accessible to the world.

Google’s Popular Apps

Google PhotosGoogle Translate
Google MapsAndroid TV
Android OSGoogle Drive
Google AssistantGoogle Duo
Google FontsGoogle Meet
Google ExpressGoogle Fi
Google PlayGoogle Play Games
Google Play BooksGoogle Play Movies and TV
Google ShoppingGoogle Pay
Google WifiGoogle TV
Google Alertgoogle input device
google classroomgoogle cloud print
Google FitGoogle Store
Google GroupsPlay Protect
PixelYouTube Kids
YouTube TVYouTube Music
MessageGoogle earth

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